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SELLING PARTS - 10S3P 30Q Samsung & Enclosure & Riptide R1X Board

Hi, I want to upgrade thats why i am selling my barely used build. I am selling my 10S3P Battery which was used only for 3 times with the board and is in perfect condition.

Also the Riptide R1X Deck + a fitting enclosure.

  • Board - 80€
  • Enclosure + File - 10€
  • Battery - 220€



Do you maybe have a charger for sale?

If you buy the battery i would also sell you the charger for 29€ if you want.

I mean its a normal 42V Charger :smiley:

Nah, i already have 3 Batteries :smiley: Just need a charger for my vacation or in general.

Ok sorry then because i will need it with my new board too

push for sale

  1. Who built the battery?
  2. What material is the case and format of file?

Battery was built by a friend who has a lot of experience

The case was printed with anycubic i3 mega and it was designed in cad - unfortunately i have some problems with the file right now but i fix it :smiley:

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Friend on this forum? Do you have examples of his work or images of the build? BMS built in/included?

the bms is built in and he is really experienced - here i got a picture of one of his other works IMG-20190712-WA0000

push for sale

push for sale