Selling parts and sad about it (please close, thanks mods)

Rough day today for me. After learning that my tax return was garnished, I found that my car has been impounded as well. I live too far to skate to work, even with my monster-board :sunglasses: so I gotta get the car back. :sob:

I am offering these items to the community with a heavy heart, all of which are brand new.

As my balls are in a proverbial salad-shooter, I will entertain offers.

For sale: (not includingshipping) Abec11 97s $110? Thanksgiving FOCBOX $110? @barajabali sk3 192kv $110 Enertion nano $45

All available for what I paid for them, but I don’t know what shipping would cost.

I’m at work all night, so I don’t know how fast I will be able to reply to people. I appreciate your support

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I’ll buy the Focbox. PM’d

97’s are 105 shipped from muir. Sorry if you paid more.

I’m interested in the 97’s if you are willing to negotiate on price

Okay, I think I overpaid on the wheels

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I’m in for the remote

Just the motor left! I’ll pm everyone soon. Still super busy at work


Abec11s $110 shipped

okay, im keeping the wheels and motor. everything else shipped saturday. Ill pm tracking, thanks