Selling: Parts - Carvon V2.5 Single | MEB12S2P, etc

Hello everyone,

I’m selling a complete build that I built about a year ago. I’ve had a lot of fun riding this build. I used it for my daily commute within Manhattan, and as a 200+ lb rider, I had no problems with it as long as I gave a gentle kickpush at standstill. I’ve never had a chance to ride from full to empty, but from rough calculations based on my commute, I would estimate the range to be about 8 miles, going around 15-17 mph for a 200 lb rider.

The specification is as follows:

Jet Potato 33" CarvON V2.5 Single Hub Motor VESC (I will find out which version it is, but I think its 4.18) Miami Electric Boards 12S2P Stealth Battery Miami Electric Boards Electric Remote Khiro 1/4" Shock Pad Risers transmitter (rpasichnyk’s product:

I understand that people here are mostly builders so complete build sales aren’t very popular, but if possible I’d like to sell it as a whole. If I don’t find any buyers then I’ll sell by parts.

Looking to sell it for $600 plus shipping. FYI, I live in New Jersey, USA

I will post pictures during the weekend.

EDIT: Decided to sell by parts. Part prices below.

What size are the wheels?

Are the batteries A123?

The wheels are 90mm, 78A Durometer. The batteries should be 18650. I can confirm over the weekend.

Your VeSC is not 4.18 as that does not exists. It’s probably between 4.10-4.12

If you do split it and the deck is in good condition, I’ll take it.

I will take the deck maybe Can you post some pics

Where do you live

I’d be interested in your battery depending on its specs. I know he’s making those out of 30Qs at this point. Does it have a connected battery meter and/or on/off switch?

Hello, sorry for not uploading the pictures as I promised.

PXSS, you are right, it definitely not 4.18. Upon confirmation, its VESC 4.12.

Additional info: The case is Psychotiller’s The Coupe (one of the earlier version) Power button and battery meter. Charging port is on the side of the case and I also have the charger as well. I’d say charging takes about hour to hour and half. Battery is Miami Electric Board’s earlier version, which uses 18650 cells.

I am located in New Jersey and very close to Manhattan

Did u get my pm

Is it SOLD yet

Super sorry,

I just didn’t have time to get back on this forum to respond. I still haven’t sold the entire build yet so I guess I’ll sell everything by parts.

Jet Potato 33" - $60 CarvON V2.5 Single Hub Motor w/ matching front wheels - $175 or best offer VESC (4.12) w/ battery meter - $100 or best offer Miami Electric Boards 12S2P Stealth Battery w/ BMS & power switch & meter - $200 or best offer Miami Electric Boards Electric Remote w/ receiver - $20 Khiro 1/4" Shock Pad Risers - Will throw it in with any purchaser that wants it. first come, first serve transmitter - $15

Again the prices above are without shipping costs. So shipping cost will be added. And I guess I’d prefer local trade, anywhere around Northeast New Jersey and Manhattan area.

Hmmm I might grab those carvons

Is the 2.5 an actual hub motor or is it a direct drive like there newer ones Also can it accept flywheel clones

I’m interested in the remote. Pics?

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Can I buy the whole thing?

Is the remote still availbile?

I’m in NY 10 charc