Selling Parts EU Vedder Switch and more

I´m switching to another battery system and selling some old parts: :smiley:

Vedder Anti-Spark Switch (has only been used three times it´s working perfect) from :[] Price: 30€ plus shipping

Universal Battery Charger 80W: Price: 30€ plus Shipping

Multistar High Capacity 6S 8000mAh Lipo Pack (I tried to make it a little bit thinner but it didn´t manage to solder it proberly it has only been charged two times but you have to solder one connection) Price: 20€ plus shipping

If anyone is interrested just send me a PM :smiley:

Interested in the battery

Anti Spark Switch sold :smiley: Battery and Charger still available. :smiley:

Battery and Charger still available :smiley: I also have a 3d printed battery and vesc enclosure :smiley:

If you tried soldering the tabs on a lipo? it wont work with regular solder. You just need to buy some solder suited to the job.

battery terminals are usually made out of Al so he will need aluminum solder

correcto-mundo Acido…

will need solder suited to the job, the thing is he did not state he tried to, so rather than jump to a conclusion, I asked an open ended question :smiley:

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Hey @Mich21050! Do you have a photo of your enclosure?