Selling Parts In the EU

Im soon going to be selling some of these Orange 97MM PU 80A Wheels. I will sell them for ā‚¬25 for a set of 4 and delivery all in Europe is ā‚¬7. Let me know if people are interested in buying :slight_smile: !


Can you get other colours ?

Yes i can what colour? @2-alex-2

Would be after green I currently have 83mm but building a new board and might need more clearance so 97mm might be best. But if you can get green in may come back to you in a week or so.

Yes i can get green :slight_smile: @2-alex-2

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Iā€™m interested, but I am not really sure which colour yet, because Iā€™d have to buy the deck first and I am not sure which one to get :slight_smile:

But I would probably go with black, so are you able to get black wheels?

Thanks in advance

Yes i am able to @Liber8

I am too Interested in one set of those wheels. The orange is just fine, when will you be able to sell them ?

Is within the next 2 weeks too long? @Jobbel

2 weeks is fine @Charster10

Ok great @Jobbel

Iā€™d love set in black 97MM PU 80A Wheel if you can source them?

@gordy yeah i can

Awesome let me know via pm what I need to do.