Selling pulleys to builders from Europe!

Hello all!

When I built my first longboard I couldn’t find right size pulley for motor from Europe. Now I have a box full of 13T 14T 15T HTD5M pulleys for 9mm belt. Bore size is 8mm.

They are made of aluminium and includes scrub screw and keyway. The price for the set (3 pulleys) is 25e including postage to Europe. If you need just one pulley the price with shipping to Europe is 15e



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Many of you were asking me to sell just one pulley and not the whole set. The price per pulley is 15e including shipping to Europe. Take yours now!


Do you plan on making pulleys for 12mm belts? :slight_smile:

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Sorry but I have not planned. Maybe later in the future :grin:

hi if it is possible i would like to get two 18 tooth pulleys in 9mm?

Sorry but all I have for now is 13-15T pulleys :neutral_face:

What motors run best and battery on your pulley set and cost with shipping to uk thanks

Any motor with 8mm shaft will run good. I recommend using battery with voltage of 22V-44V. Price is 25e including shipping

Hey, what is the width of your pulleys?

The width is 20mm :slight_smile:

:cry: i need for 15mm belt width

Well no problem I have one for 15mm belt! Size is 14 tooth and it is steel. Bore size is 8mm. There is no keyway or screw but stong locktite will hold that. I am using this same pulley with my setup :sunglasses:

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Do you perhaps have a 15/16 tooth 15mm belt size Pulley for sale?