Selling remote, wheels, pulleys and belts

Hey guys, I’m selling some parts of my board cause after buying I changed my mind and want to build a hub-board, everything is in best condition. So I’m selling: Benchwheel Remote controller + double engine receiver (never used before) Enertion- 2x wheels incl. 2xpullys + 4x belts. Just make me an offer :slight_smile: Cheers John!

Where are you from?

northern germany

Intrested in the Remote, would buy it pretty much instantly :slight_smile: shoot me a PM with the price :slight_smile:

Also interested on the remote

Me to PM me if its left

remote is gone, but the other stuff is good as well :smiley:

Hi. How much for the wheel pulleys?

the wheel pulleys are only sold together with the wheels, if you want you can have the other two wheels as well :slight_smile:

That´s ok. I was only interested in the pulley. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: