Selling Samsung 30q 10s4p xt 90's 45a Bms

Made a 10s4p Samsung 30q’s for my evolve GTX upgrade. Then started my own build 12s5p. Has a 45A discharge BMS. And xt 90 connectors. I will shorten wires and add the shrink tubes today. Lol. Was just testing it. Can be used for any liion purpose I suppose it’s 36.61 volts at check👍. I’ll off it for $325. That’s a good deal. If certain wire length or connector are needed please let me know prior to shipping so I can unsolder and attach correct/needed connector ports.

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Yeah actually. Lol. Documented the whole build. Wires were cut short to length prior to shrinkwrap of course though Lol. I may just finish GTX upgrade and sell whole if no one wants it. If be happy to Skype or whatever and do meter test and such.


Dimensions L x W x H? I have an enclosure but that one you have looks nice, you selling that too?

Enclosures Evolve bamboo gtx. Battery Dimensions are 15" x 5.25"x .873" Up to 1" or .987" with that 10 gauge wire under shrinkwrap. I can put xt 90’s or xt 60’s or whatever connector you’d like. Add 2" to length if BMS is at end.

Is this plug and play in the stock GTX?