Selling some eboards and electronics for a build

Hello friends, my wife and I are expecting our third child this coming winter. I was told I need to consolidate some of my toys or buy a bigger house. The rugrats are taking over! Anyways I listed some items along with a few manufactured eboards Iam looking to get rid of with some pics. I can also deliver if you live in central or north Florida area.• Diy programming card •Diy off/on switch •tb 12s 120a car esc (dual) with UBEC and “y” connectors •Gt2b remote and receiver •(2) turnigy nano tech 8000mah 6s batteries • iMax 6s charger •Diy older model enclosure slightly modified to fit bigger 8000mah batteries. All parts intended for a build, hooked up but never used with motors. I had ordered the v2.5 carvons a few months ago but got a refund after they went on backorder and I needed the funds. •metroboard stealth, 20 mile battery, 20mph ,nunchuck remote, very reliable bought in Feb 2016. • fiik street surfer lithium, 3yrs old, 12 mile range at 19mph. •Globe maiden deck with sunset flare led wheels. • Gravity 45inch pin tail deck. Just hit me up if there is any interest or questions, I’ll give you a good deal compared to what I initially paid. Thank you.

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U have more pics and ibfo on the red enclosure board

Not sure if i’ll buy, but what are you asking for for the two escs?

Love the Mike Mcgill decal.

Hey Pablo, you can look up the metroboard web site for all the specs on the board. It is the “stealth” model with upgraded bearings and 20 mile battery. I took the stickers off and added the red trim myself. I believe I paid little over $1400. Iam asking $780 for it, has about 300 miles on it. One of the boards Iam keeping is another metroboard the “micro slim”. Hey lox897 I was thinking maybe $170 for the 2 esc’s. They have 4mm female connectors ready for motor wires.

I’m debating whether to go with TB or VESC escs. I’ll come back to you if I decide TB, but please give other people priority if they want it.

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Sounds good, not a problem. Thanks for the reply

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How much for the antispark switch??

How much for the remote?

How much for the GT2B?

I’d like to take the escs sent you a pm

I am interested in the power switch if it is still available.

Gt2b remote is $20. The switch is $40. Iv gotten a lot more reply’s on selling all the components altogether. So if your interested for $200 I can do the esc’s with the switch and programming card, $215 total to add the remote. The lipos are $80 each and I’ll throw in the imax charger if both are bought. I’ll split all the shipping costs with buyer. Thank you, David

where are you from? eu, us, aus, …?

USA, St… Augustine beach Florida (northeast Florida)

I know you are selling these for a reason …

But still saddens me…

I hope someday you come back to building mate

And congrats :wink: On the new addition

Thank you so much dude. I will be keeping two of my boards and my electric bike so I don’t go insane. I’d like to build an electric cargo bike for the kids next time I get antsy.

One way around it …is under the guise of “Showing the kids” a thing or two abt electronics…kiddy tools or old tools for the kids to use lol

There are some e-bike guys here too …

Well glad to hear you’re still in the game :metal:t2:

How much are you asking for the two VESC?

Hey Chris it was just sold about an hour ago. Thanks for the interest