Selling Spare Parts - Now 15% OFF

What’s up everyone

I’m selling some spare parts that I have lying around, they are all brand new, I’ll be selling them at discount price from the price that I got from the original settlers, and will charge shipping at cost. Prices are shown per unit.


There are few pictures on a shared folder on my google drive:

I’ll be shipping everyting from HOUSTON - TX. If you want to pick stuff in person I do not have a problem with that.

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What are size dimensions of the antispark switch? I might be interested in that

Sorry , that was a typo, it is not a switch, just the connector.

Guys, I’m updating the prices, 15% off discount now!

TorqueBoards 12S 120A + 12S UBEC + Programming Card | SOLD

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings | SOLD

TorqueBoards Skateboard Motor 6355 170KV + VESC Sensor Wires | Quantity 2 | Retail: $96.99| SALE: $82.44

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6374 168KV | SOLD

Enertion 190KV Skateboard Motor 6372 | SOLD

Bestechpower 12S LiFePO4 PCM with 60A discharging current (P/N:HCX- D345) | Quantity 1 | Retail: $74.55| SALE: $63.37

Fuse holder + Anti Spark Connector | SOLD

TF02N LCD Screen 50V 350A Coulometer | Quantity 1 | Retail: $53.99| SALE: $45.89

Luxe Colored TPR Flex Formula Risers (Black, 1/2") | Quantity 1 | Retail: $10| SALE: $8.5

Luxe Colored TPR Flex Formula Risers (Blue, 1/4") | Quantity 1 | Retail: $10| SALE: $8.5

Wiiceiver 1.5.2 + Nyko Wireless Kama (Black) | SOLD

Grab Handle Black | Quantity 1 | Retail: $15.99| SALE: $13.59

TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller | Quantity 1 | Retail: $60| SALE: $51

255mm HTD5 12mm Belt | Quantity 4 | Retail: $8| SALE: $6.8

280mm HTD5 12mm Belt | Quantity 1 | Retail: $8| SALE: $6.8

280mm HTD5 9mm Belt | Quantity 2 | Retail: $8| SALE: $6.8

265mm HTD5 9mm Belt | Quantity 1 | Retail: $8| SALE: $6.8

ESC Enclosure | SOLD

ill take the 2 12mm 280mm belts. whats your paypal

I’ll take the 9m 265 belt

Sent PM for both of you guys. :slight_smile:

Anything for you @XvDarkVAngelvX?

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a few look interesting, if shipped from US esp lol. I will pm you

I see a few things. I’ll hit it up when I settle my pay pal account.

Ships from Houston - TX… :slight_smile:

interested in some items, pm’ed you

Updated the items still available.

Interested in the 12s ESC and possibly the SK3. Bundle discounts? :wink:

Is the wiiceiver still available?

Yes, it is still available…

@vitormhenrique Is it ready (as in Plug-and-play)? Also, does it come with the Nyko kama receiver?

I never used on my e-sk8, it should be plug and play, there is a calibration routine on wiiceiver website. It does come with a Black Nyko Kama.

The only thing that I did is test it with my oscilloscope to ensure that it was working (outputting ppm signal)

I’ll take it, can you pm me and we can work out shipping and payment?

Almost everything gone :slight_smile:

Just updated the list…