Selling Tacon Bigfoot 160 245kv motor

I bought it from a friend, who was building his own eboard but never finished it, still in perfect condition, comes with all the screws that it originally came with. Selling because the motors voltage is too high for my particular build, and my battery etc, but it can definitely be used in many builds! It’s a very solid motor. They also don’t manufacture them anymore, so the only way you can buy them now is basically this way, or if someone sells on eBay or something :slight_smile:

So I am thinking of selling it for $120 AUD shipping included world wide. So basically that converts to:

$95 USD




Not sure if these prices are good or bad, but I am willing to go lower, by like $10-$20 though, mind you shipping costs a lot.

Here are some pictures:




A new one is sold at 60$ + free shipping… does 60$ seem fair to you?

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Shipping from Australia is why I can’t sell it cheaper. It cost me 120 USD after shipping costs and conversions.

Bump, selling for $85 US shipped now. Just need it gone with.

I’ll buy it for 70$ if your willing to ship to Israel…

No sorry shipping to Israel costs a lot more than it does to ship to other places.

I can’t believe someone hasn’t snagged this yet

I’ve gotten a fair amount of offers via PM but none have replied yet about payment. I need some money for a new motor, but at the same time basically want this thing gone. I’m not sure if 85 is a decent price, and I know it only cost 60 or something but it cost me around the 90 US mark since dollar conversion and shipping to my country.

It’s fair including shipping from AUS

$85 a good price all around

Did this ever get sold or still available?

Sold, not at my ideal price unfortunately though.