Semi DIY / Benchwheel Penny Board Base / Adding modular parts

While searching for my ideal commuter board, I got a Benchwheel Penny Board on closeout, and setting aside quality, it actually has pretty close specs to what I’m after. So I am looking at transforming it into more of a DIY, so that I can consistently replace parts as they wear out. So far, I have transferred the enclosure onto a new deck, and swapped out the trucks, [ apart from the rear hanger ].

So, the basic penny board spec is: 10s1p battery of Samsung 18650 cells. n5065 170kv / 1000w sensorless single motor 48 / 16 pulley using HTD3 225 belt

I’m hoping to pretty much keep the enclosure and remote as is, and would initially concentrate on the motor / drivetrain. Where I’m up to so far is;

  1. Benchwheel offer replacement motors, but I’m hoping to be able to source good quality replacement motors elsewhere, but so far I have not been able to locate an alternative source. DIY only have a 190kv 5055 which I’ve been advised is too light. If I can’t locate an alternative source, I’m not sure I want to plow any money into this project.

  2. Wheels. I’d like to be able to use Abec or similar wheels, but after reading through this board, there is no current product that works on the benchwheel, [ it uses HTD3 ] so to use alternative wheels, it looks like the whole drivetrain would need replacing. DIY and a few others offer good kits, but again, without a good motor supplier, it may be a waste of money.

This is my first thread, so I’ll try to post a pic of the board in it’s current form