Send someone belt drive to setup..can't get it right!

Can’t get my belt drive 6374 motor ,tb motor mount to work right alignment is off or something can’t get it right after many many tries and broke belts


Don’t over tighten your belt. The belt needs a little bit of play in it. Just make sure the motor gear and the wheel gear are lined up. Set the motor gear pulley with locketite so it doesn’t move.

Send it to me. I’ll fix it. Just pay shipping both ways…

Edit: NVM you’re in Ireland… lol


Posting some pictures will go a long ways for the online diagnosis process to work properly :slight_smile:

Can you flip the board over and take some pictures looking directly down at the board, and then a few looking at the mount from the side?

Wow, that’s an incredible offer…


Are you in Europe?

I Lowkey want to take you up on that offer lol

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:boxing_glove::martial_arts_uniform: ding ding

He is in us

Would you, or any other seasoned builder, mind making a video or photo tutorial on your method to align the pulleys properly?

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Ya postage wouldn’t be worth it shit thanks tho deckoz

Anyone in Europe able set this up for a few quid

I can give it a go if you want to send it over? I don’t want money, just pay the shipping. Do you have any photos of where you are at? I won’t get a chance to look at it until next weekend. Is the rest of the board working?


Your welcome to drive it to my house in S.C.

Nice one thanks man ya everything else is working perfect if I just send you the motor/drive system/truck thatd be good ya?

Yep send it over. I’ll pm you.