Sensitivity on the Nano remote

When I move my finger around 5 mm on the throttle stick on the nano remote, it goes into full throttle. Is there any way to lower the sensitivity on the remote?

You have to calibrate before you use. Quick flip all the way up and all the way down will do the trick.

Yea, known “feature”. So sorry I jumped on this remote as soon as it was released. It is very awesome regarding connectivity, usage, size and ergonomy. But that auto-bind stick range feature alone is a show stopper for me and makes sure I’ll never be using it. Shame, really. Oh well, here is for the v3 (or perhaps the arm feature on the (V)ESC) :beer:

What do you mean by quick flipping it up and all the way down?

When connecting/powering the nano-x you need to move the trigger all the way up and down and then power the board on very single time you connect in order for it to calibrate. Kind of a bummer. I have two that I refuse to use because of this.