Sensor wire adaptor wiring

I need a sensor wire adapter ASAP so I’m just going to make my own with my spare 6pin JST’s I used for the HM-10.

Just wanted to make sure that all the wires run to their corresponding position right? I made this quick graphic to help visualize.

Do they run parallel like they do in A, or do they cross over somewhere like they do in B?

Sorry for the noob question, better safe than sorry.


i do not use sensor but by the looks of the diagram, judging by color, check motor & vesc schematic and look in which order vc=red and gnd = black are listed

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I don’t know how your motor sensor is wired but there should be no need for crossing wires.

The sensor wires are usually in that order:

  • 5V
  • temp (some motors don’t have that one)
  • position A
  • position B
  • position C
  • GND
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i’ll just mail you one… pm me your address

Too late, it’s already soldered and heat shrinked. Thanks though


What size/series connector for the vesc side is that? I’ve got some molex connectors at home but I fear they may be the slightly bigger.

6pin JST-PH 2mm.