Sensor wire colors dont match motor wire colors -concern?

Should I be concerned the colors coming from the motor dont line up with the sensor wire going to the vesc?

Its what’s inside that counts :wink:

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The order of sensors does not matter if i remember well

well the outer wires from the motor are red/black… where on the sensor wire is black and green… i dont have my vesc yet so i dont know if theres anything printed on the board to help guide my decision making…

all that matters is the +5v and GROUND, everything else will autosense when you do the detection.



That is also only for the VESC… Most other RC ESCs… phase wires typically have to be exact. Just wanted to add it in.


im thinking it should be fine…although the colors are off across the board the wire itself is linear and with no pins crossing on the other end. thx


My ESC has only 5 pins should I just skip phase 3 :slight_smile: ?

You would skip the temp wire.

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Isn’t it pretty important?

No, it’s if no use at all.

It is just the temp for the motors there are a lot of motors that don’t have the temp sensor. It is less important than the phase.

Thanks mate