Sensor wire connector

Next to our bullet connectors for the motor phase wires we still use the ugly 6-pin connector for the sensor wires.

That’s the reason why I’m looking for a different connector. I’d like it to be small and clean.

I was thinking of:

Any ideas ?

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Microusb? I’ve gotten small quantities of connectors from amazon and ebay. Good for many cycles, but not sure how robust against vibration.

MPX? Six pins, robust, high current. Looks like there are panel mounts options.

I’m always thinking about connectors… I’ll probably use these for the extension, when I get around to doing sensored.

Not to go off topic but there’s this alternative to the bullet connector, MT60

There’s also this waterproof 9 pin for phase and sensor wires, best for low amperage motors

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I stil prefer the bullet connectors, reason why is because i think those connection points are way to close to each other. Especially for +40amps draw to your motor

It’s a 60A connector, and heatshrink the soldered connections

voltage would be what you need to worry about for distance of connections. That said, there’s plenty of space between them for 60v~, not to mention each lead is insulated by plastic.

Aha, and here u was thinking it was amps. Haha. Hmm yea in that case… :wink:

Still in search for a good half sensor connector though

i’m still not sure what you mean exactly. the JST-PH connector is fairly small, are you worried about the individual cables? You could put them in some cable braid or another wrapping, looks pretty good!

Yes the hall sensor wire connector. I still find it to be to big. I found a nice print on thingyverse which acts as a riser and a motor bullet connector holder thingy. Everything fits fairly nice, only the hal sensor connector is yea euhm too long.

hm i’m still not seeing the benefit, it’s all inside your board anyway. With your proposition it seems like putting a converter in there would make it even more unsightly.

No the bullet connector and sensor connector are the only wires outside my board…

Do you have a pic? This is mine…

You can see that the phase wires are outside, but my sensor plug is inside the enclosure, your’s is outside?

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I see. Well I’m going to run my cabling through my deck. So it will be need to be plugged into the deck, which will be connected to my vesc

Ah gotcha, sort of like LHB’s builds, if I’m thinking about that right.

So would you say that this connector is good for 42V and 60A??

Yea I’m sure it’s fine, the raptor 2 uses even smaller connectors.

Those “6 pin” connectors only have 4 connections. Ground, left and right audio and video the other two are for Jack sensing and switching off loudspeakers when something is plugged. That’s why you can’t find a 6 pin male. They don’t exist. They are the 4 pin male kind. And that’s one of the reasons why you can’t use them for halls. The other reason is. Never plug something that carries power through a connector that slides through other connections until it is completely plugged in. Notice how the connectors we use always have pins one next to another and not in the same row? That noise you sometimes get while slowly plugging in your headphones would equal a short in the 5v bus of the vesc

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@Jinra I think @BoostedBuilder is referring to the 9 pin. I strongly doubt it can handle 42V 60A, I wouldn’t pump more than 1000watts cont through that cable and even then for 20-30secs tops

Oh yea, i was talking about the MT60