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Sensored ESC with UnSensored Motor?

Am i likely to encounter any issues running an Unsensored motor with a sensored ESC?

Ive got a 120a sensored ESC but I’m looking to purchase an R-spec motor to upgrade my board. Am i right in thinking the ESC may behave funny if its expecting an input from a hall sensor but not receiving one?

Any help before i make the purchase would be much appreciated.

This may help…I read it last night

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Usually, sensored Esc’s are non sensor compatible just as sensored motors are non sensored compatible.
I am running 2 sensored motors with 2 non sensored Esc’s. no problem.
When running sensored you have to connect the motors phase wires exactly correct or you will fry the motor.
When running unsensored, you can connect them anyway. just if a motor is running backwards, switch any 2 of the 3 wires to reverse the motor direction.
Running unsensored is not as smooth as sensored and you should always give a couple kicks to get the board moving before giving it any throttle.


Thanks for the help @Namasaki and @Michaelinvegas exactly the info I was looking for