Sensored motor wiring without CBA markings?

My motor didn’t come with its wires marked for where they hook up to the ESC. Been running the motor sensorless for now, but will be running it sensored soon as I’m ordering a cable for it. Is it safe to plug the motor cables in randomly, then try to spin the motor at low speeds to see if it works, and then changing the cables if it doesn’t spin? Is there a better way to figure out how I should plug it in?

It’s pretty much how you described it. Only VESC is plug and play from what I know.

Sensor wires are wired in such a way that a sensor cable can only go into it in one direction. This means that the only factor I can change is motor wires. The link you sent me only shows that you should change sensor wires but not motor wires. Am still confused.

If my description of plug in, test, and retry works fine then that’s all I need to know

You can change either, the description in the link refers to all kind of motors, with different hall sensor spacing. Most hobby motors have just 120 degrees spacing, and changing two of motor phase wires arround should work just fine in your case