Sensors giving me over temp error, can i just cut off that wire?

So after troubleshooting a million problems with enertion, and fixing them i get this error that stops me from getting a detection in foc and bldc

I get all the other values except flux i think (the one where the motor spins)

So im wondering if i can just cut off that wire, I guess nothing should go wrong since it would be like sensorless There are motors without temp sensors right and they still work with vescs right?

Seems alright to me. Though it seems like you could enter a different temp sensor offset value.

Then the other question is the temp sensor fully open or closed? That could be giving it a under or over temp reading.

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that also may be the thing also i friend my sensors on my old motor and that probably messed up the vesc or the sensor is not calibrated right…

I was get3timg some weird motor temp thermal throttling on a single Sk3 build and want to hack that wire as well. Subscribed.

enertion told me that its on my own risk than but i doubt that anything can happen since i do not see the difference between sensored without temp and sensorless (temperature wise)

or we can just make an offset that thermal throttling starts on the temp we get+ 60 or whatever you want to set it too, but we would need to test if it detects heat change