Separate power supplies?

Hi guys.

I’ll be ending soon my emtb build and I wonder if I should go for 2 separate power supplies or 1 power supply. I read some post that I should go for separate but I’d prefere to have them together cause in my first build my separate li po packs were discharging different (f ex 1 li po pack had 3.7V per cell while the other 3.85V) If sb knows sth that can be helpful, please share :slight_smile:

I’ll be using split y cause canbus seems to be quite dangerous. (Read some posts)

My specs: 4x lipo 5s 8ah ---->16ah10s or 2x 8ah 10s 2 turingy sk3 192kv 200mm mtb wheels 2x focbox 1:4,55 gear ratio NO BMS

By the way is there some post that explains literaly step by step how to plug split y, batteries and vescs? I mean a sequence that will not burn my vescs :smiley:

The vedder project site has all steps written and with pictures.