Separated Shoulder Sale

Did a number on my shoulder a few weeks back and unfortunately I need to let this go. My loss is your gain. Have about 10 charges on the board. Let me know if you have any questions.


Located in Long Island, NY

Longboard Larry Caiman Alien Mounts Ronin’s MasterCho Enclosure DIY 6355 Sensored Motors Ollin VESC’s with Heat Sinks Bestech HCX-D250 BMS 97mm Flywheels 10s4P Sony VTC4 Bluetooth 2.4 Mini Remote 16/40 DIY Gearing


ouch, i’m sorry to hear that. are you giving up on esk8s overall?

this is a great price, i nominate @scepterr since you’re both in nyc area. should be able to part out for gains.

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Wow I’m sorry to hear that Chris It’s a great deal I’m just up to my eyeballs in parts right now

Aw man that sucks that is a super nice looking board. I would be in for some parts but not the whole board. I’m sure someone on here will want it.

Damn shame. Hopefully this won’t be where your esk8 journey stops. :neutral_face:

@thisguyhere, @PredatorBoards Not giving up in any sense, just need to take it easy for a while. I have two other boards that are more casual that I will cruise around with. Its not fun hitting the street at 27mph when a little kid runs out in front of you. This took a toll on my wife and kids.

@scepterr, Thanks Max, I’ll come and see you with another batter soon enough.


lol who flagged that

Well it was a creepy comment since his name is “Predator” and wants to eff kids. hahahaha


No officer that is not true



I always end up going off topic. But I love to share humor. This is hilarious.

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So sorry to hear about your injury bro.

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Thanks man, freak accident, could have been way worse if I wasn’t paying attention. Got about 2 maybe 3 steps before I had to tuck and roll. I have full mobility back, docs said if I was an athlete, this is a career ender. Good thing I’m retired from shoulder modeling because my career would be over!


Glad to hear you are recovering well. I hurt my shoulder about 4 weeks ago riding on the boardwalk and had a head on collision with a bicyclist. Luckily I only had inflammation. Doctor gave me a cortisone shot and a perscription for 800mg ibuprofen. I’m already back to surfing now though my shoulder is still a little stiff at times.

Glad to see everything will turn out okay. On a serious note, I always treat kids as wild cards. One recently had the audacity to kick a soccer ball in front of me while I was riding… even when it was pretty clear I was nearing by. Point being, you always have to look out for the small things.

Wow someone please take this, my willpower is only so strong. Ronins! heasunk chakas! LBL deck!!!

Here’s a price breakdown to help it along. Rough estimates, and not accounting for misc parts like connectors, wire, shrink, voltmeter, risers, screws.

lbl 160 (LBL amazing stuff) ronin x2 90 (ronins!) mounts x2 120 (unobtainable?) mastercho 100 motors x2 200 vescs x2 500 (heatsunk chakas!) bms 30 flys 120 (almost unobtainable) batpack 250 (low capacity but seriously high discharge) bt 10 remote 30 motor pulley x2 30 wheel pulley x2 50 (switch) 50


And the thing looks like it’s never been ridden.

@Chris1 get well soon! Some questions, er, for a friend lol.

  • Is the Caiman the stiff flex?
  • The aps mount, the whitepony design?
  • does it include switch?
  • is bms bypassed for discharge?
  • belts included, ready to ride?
  • charger port type?

Thanks Deuce, there is a lot of good will on this board so I’m just paying it forward. It’s just going to be sitting around all winter while I heal and do PT, so I would rather it get some use.

Caiman only comes stiff flex, to my knowledge Mounts are done White Pony style Switch is a TB switch BMS is bypassed for charging only. Couldn’t fit a full sized All belts, ready to ride Chargjng port is a standard 5.5x2.1

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Did this board ever sell?

Still have it.