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Serial connections with different "C"

I just bought some lipos from the Hk sale and will use a 20C battery with a 40C battery in series for 8S.

Will there be any differences from using just two 20C packs in series?

Don’t mix different batteries.

Lipos can be very dangerous.
They can explode into flames.
They are easily ruined.
Always keep that in mind.
I ruined 2 perfectly good 6s 5000mah 25c packs just by running them down too low one time!
When running 2 Lipo packs in series, they really should be same mah and same c rating.
Otherwise, they probably won’t discharge evenly and that could cause problems.
They can be different cell count though.
I.e. 5s and 3s for 8s

@TF22 This is why I wouldn’t use this combination. If you must, at least keep a low voltage alarm on each battery while you’re riding and stop if you hit a threshold. But “don’t mix C ratings” is my advice.

After looking at this post and some rcgroup threads, I see that you shouldnt mix “C” but you can mix Mah with a voltage alarm. please correct me if Im wrong

Yes but what would be the use? If one set is done…then the whole ride is done.

Pay up…get matching batteries

Why take a chance

Different C rating = different cell specs = different internal resistance = different discharge characteristics = don’t combine.