So im pretty new here and I already picked up a few parts for my build right now I have a dual belt drive with hollowed out black deck, and a unity on the way. Looking for some help on parts though since I have 3 fried vescs laying on my desk

ill edit this post in a bit still getting the hang of things

So originally I bought some Hummie hubs and I liked them a lot but I don’t need that much power plus I was trying to put my money towards a unity, so ill have to get rid of those, now I have two 190kv motors on the way that I want to run with 15t and 40t gearing. I have a Miami electric boards battery and a 12s charger

*parts list @NAF hyperbeast deck @Hummie hubs Unity vesc by enertion @oriol360 miami electric 12s3p Battery and bms

Making this one of the ultimate travel boards and modular decks


Check out , they have some good motor mounts. Also check out @psychotiller for batteries,


Can you link the deck you are using? I could probably make you an enclosure.

I second @psychotiller for battery or enclosures

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its an @NAFdeck

ill check him out!

I’ve never heard that before. Have u tried turning down ur amp settings.


Do you are going to sell the Hummies?

No I didn’t not really, but I also want to be able to swap wheels out since I’ve already got a few abecs. Honestly Love your motors but it was more of a financial situation than anything else

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yes I am going to sell them :disappointed_relieved:

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Any controller recommendations guys?

How much you would sell them?

interested as well if you sell them here… :slight_smile:

And I third, psychotiller for everything. Do the right thing the first time around and get surfrodz with his quick 66 mounts and six shooters.

You’re welcome. Or if you’re not trying to use A/T tires just get some 107 or 97 Abec’s through him,

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I use the w2 remote on my DIY set up with six shooters and surfrodz then I use the nano-x with my raptor 2 that I switched to my mfg outlaw deck. I actually just bought the feather smart remote that @StefanMe just built and it should be to me in 2 weeks. Let you know how it is once I get it but I am pretty excited! Good luck on your build.


will let you both know when I post em up

image image image image Uploading… This build is complete and I’ll write up a review in a few hours but for now you can admire it through the pictures