Servo Y connector completely powering second esc

Can someone tell me how to use a remote with two ESCs. I used a servo y connected to bridge both ESCs to Channel one on my reciever. Even when I unplugged the xt60 the esc was still being powered.

Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the servo cable or the power cable? servo cable doesn’t supply power to the ESC. The ESC supplies power to the receiver, and you have to cut one of the positive leads on one of the servo cables since you don’t need two sources of power on 1 receiver.

For some reason it was completley powering my esc lol. I had the power cable out… the fan was going full blast. But yea cutting one of the red wires did the trick.Thanks!

Yeah that happens. It’s perfectly fine actually, except you won’t be able to power the motor on the second ESC.

I’ve known for some time that your not suppose to feed 5v to the receiver from 2 esc’s or vesc’s. But, frankly I don’t see why since dual 5v supplies would be in parallel and it should be no different than connecting dual 5v batteries in parallel. Can someone give me a good reason for this?

I actually don’t see a problem either except it’s feeding double the current from the ESC to the receiver, which may or may not be bad for it depending on the receiver.

What’s happening with @stuxtruth, I believe, is that the fan is powered by the 5v terminal and the 5v from 1 ESC is also powering, in parallel, the fan on the other ESC.

Theoretically, if you power the receiver by 2 bec’s, the current that the receiver pulls should be divided by 2 Wonder if anyone has every done it and what the outcome was. I’m not willing to risk trying it with my Vesc’s or Receiver but it would be nice to know for sure and think of the advantage, If the 5v supply fails on one esc, the other will keep things going.