Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding now on Amazon Prime

Hey ya’ll, it’s been awhile. Just a heads up, my ESK8 film “Session Error: The Rise & Risk of Electric Skateboarding” is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe not. But if you were able to take something from it, please leave us a review - good or bad. Apologies for the plug, just wanted to let you know where to watch in case you couldn’t find it. Peace!

Rik aka RunPlayBack


Please put this on the other esk8 forum ( forum)

I tried but my account kept getting blocked for some reason.


Congrats. Loved the doccie.

Holy shit your back man! Head over to the other forum forum.esk8…news and make an acc. Hit up @BillGordon for an account boost.

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If you type really fast, sometimes Discourse thinks you’re a bot. Found you and all squared away now.

Thanks for the notice!

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