Set up for bms and battery

Hey guys,

Ive got a 12sbms charge/discharge without e switch now so I have a extra switch from @Martinsp . Should work fine but Iam wondering about the order for the modules. We think it doesent really make a difference, I was just wondering if the bms draws current from the battery somehow if I cant ride for a week orso. Maybe there are other problems I wasnt thinking about.

Maybe a silly question but I dont want to do sth wrong :sweat_smile: :smiley:

So Vesc, switch, bms, lipo or Vesc, bms, switch, lipo Thaaaanks :smiley:

Vesc Switch Bms Lipo


Thanks man, I still have the loopkey left. I would assume to put it at the p wire from vesc to the switch? You think thats ok?:smiley:

?? No Are you using an anti spark button switch and a loop key or just a loop key? If just the loop key use one wire, if the button switch attach - to - and + to +

no I want to add a loop key to the whole system what already has a on off switch just in case sth fails. I was just wondering if it makes a difference where I put the loop key :smiley:

ok I found a threat should search more

No not really. As long as it’s in between the Vesc and battery. Although sometimes I have seen anti spark buttons leech off the battery so it would be best to put it between the anti spark and battery