Set up VESC 6380 single belt

Hi folks!

Any help choosing components for my first DIY would be great. I guess the VESC is the most expensive bit. If the motor Max Current is 95 Amps how many amps the ESC should be able to handle without issue?

The plan is to focus on torque, not speed. I have a short commute but with a couple of steep roads on the way. I want big wheels (107mm for cobbled streets) and probably will be using 2x6S LiPo batteries in serie.

What would you suggest? I compare numbers about torque but as it is my first DIY I can’t really tell how many Nm I need :slight_smile: I was thinking on single belt 6380 motor?

I live in Europe (England, UK).

Thanks! Nestor

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Your First issue is that that is not a caliber mount.

May I recommend you peruse the selection of our finest ESK8 venders in the community, or fine a deal on a mount on #electric-skateboard-parts-market

If you want torque you could get a Alien Power Systems 6384 130KV on sale right now for 89 euro

good start! :+1:

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@Fosterqc many thanks!

Great recommendation the Alien Power motor. I will see if I can get more parts from them.

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Haha yeah I only thought of it because I just asked (sorry @Danny414 wrong ping) @nevstar to buy two of the new ones he has.

they look really sweet, although I wonder if the extra length is just the flair on the end of the motor, whatever 130KV is cool.

@Fosterqc what VESC would you recommend me to buy to use for a single motor?

I like the mounts in Alien Power too. I will contact them to get the drive kit and the motor maybe the trucks too so I am sure they will fit.

Thanks a lot!

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if you got the bucks, or euros I guess Trampa 6.6 plus is the way to go, based in EU too that’s nice.

you could have luck with a flipsky 6.6 or other vesc 6.

don’t see anything about a battery on here, nkon pre tabbed cells would be the cheapest option if you want to get your hands fluxy. otherwise you could comision a esk8 builder to weld one up for you. 80A batteries are expensive if not DIY.

Thank you @Fosterqc!

The trampa looks amazing but the remote is a bit expensive too.

Other cheaper options? Flipsky ESC My concern is that the motor says MAX AMP: 80A and this ESC is Current: Continuous 60A. Should it be fine or am I going to fry the ESC?

Thanks again!

We can hand feed the information or you can do some more reading you clearly don’t know much about a lot of different areas, I suggest reading some build logs or picking up the buildkitboards kit without battery and getting someone in UK to sell you a battery

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Hi @vero!

Thanks for getting in touch. I agree, I don’t know much about a lot of different areas. I’ve done a bit of reading but I thought it would not harm to ask.

Regards the battery I am planning to use 2 LiPo in serie 6S 6000mAh 50C. Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean with “we can hand feed the information”, also who are “we”?


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You need to think about import taxes on those components too - there are UK retailers who will end up being cheaper if you buy from them instead. Also, that FSESC is a huge bottleneck to your motor, perhaps a little overkill on the motor as you can’t use more than 50 continuous amps anyway.

Thank you Ben Nexus, that’s what I thought. I will look for a better ESC. I guess better Flipsky, Focbox, Maytech and Trampa are the mains providers to look at.

Thank you, Ben!

cheaper wheels here, but idk if shipping + import duties are gonna kill the deal:

My first built was very similar apart from the subpar braking using one wheel still one of my fav boards. Try a dickyho motor super cheap and the idlers will help with the added torque and braking force. Use a 15mm wide belt if possible i shreaded so many 12mm belts before moving up to 15mm VX1 is also a great remote, battery needs a upgrade but this is cheap and easy to do. Get a bluetooth module it will save you pulling apart your board to tweek it every ride…

Maytech 6374’s are my top pick, very very very solid motor that handles my TB110’s np

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Is there a preference between sealed or exposed?

From what I understand sealed heat up easier but are immune to rocks and shit getting in there; open cool much better but are susceptible to rocks and shit getting in there.

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I guess if you mount your motors outwards, there’s much less stones etc so then open would be better

Thank you everyone!

I still don’t know for sure the VESC I need to run a single belt motor that pulls 80amps (motor).

I am tending to go for the Tampa 6plus. It’s £225 in the UK. I would like a cheaper option but not sure if I am going to end up in trouble.


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If you’re in the UK, the Trampa 6plus is a no brainer, imo.

The Flipsky 200A and dual plus (100A each) are both 6.6 based and can be had for $200USD (+ import), but they both have their drawbacks for your application.

I think the only other readily available option is the 100A Maytech (~£150?), but it is based on the 4.XX hardware, and I can’t speak at all to it’s quality or capability.

FWIW, I’m currently running 55A through a 6.6 (non plus) in FOC mode,16/36 gearing (somewhat traction limited, more torque would be fun) and the motor (single FS 6380) gets pretty warm bombing around and especially cruising up 15%+ grades. Not sure I would run higher amps through the motor without going to BLDC, and 55A is more than enough for me (180lbs) and my heavy board.

Just some food for thought. Good luck on your first build, get prepared to do everything at least twice.

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Thank you @RyEnd! Yes, I was considering to buy the Maytech to save a bit of money but I think it doesn’t worth it.

I am thinking to order the motor mounts and trucks for Trampa too. They have 125mm wheels too that would work great for the cobblestone. I was planning to use 13/37 gearing to help out the motor.

As you said I will probably end up doing everything again.


  • 1x VESC 6 PLUS

  • CALIBER II Longboard Trucks - 10 Inch Wide

  • Custom TRAMPA hub with Gummies 125mm Longboard Wheel Tyre (Custom Gummies Longboard Wheel)

  • Caliber II CARBON Fiber Motormount with Axle support & Pulley Kit (Caliber II CARBON Fiber Motormount with Axle support & Pulley Kit) 13 Tooth Motor Pulley - BEST Hill Climber 37 Tooth SLAVE Pulley - Best Hill Climber