Setting up for bracket failure

In my line of work, we always prepare for “what if” failure mode scenarios.

I’m building a single motor belt drive. My right heel will be to the left rear, so that’s where I’m planning to mount the motor.

But wondering where to mount the motor relatrive to the left rear wheel from a launch-my-body-into-an-object failure scenario.

Do these mounts fail catastrophically, like break off and maybe run over the motor if mounted forward of the rear wheel? Or do they just crack and things just go out of kilter and stop functioning well or at all?

I was also wondering if the mount-to-truck connection can rotate while in service. If the motor was in front and powering the left rear wheel, I could envision the motor torque turning the mount, or pushing a broken mount/motor, into the pavement (pole-vault scenario). If the motor was behind the wheel, it would just be pushed up into the kick tail? Or do I have that backwards? Thinking of mounting behind the left rear wheel.

mount failures are (almost?) never catastrophic, it’s far more common for the drivetrain to become misaligned or something along those lines, causing a loss of power transfer. In essence, you get instantly downgraded to a normal skateboard. This can definitely be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing on a normal skateboard, but you can mitigate that risk by learning how to footbrake/shutdown slide and/or installing mechanical brakes or a second motor. The odds of two motors going out at once are, of course, far less.

If you’re worried about the mounts rotating (understandable but mostly unheard of when set up properly), you can use a clamp-style mount on non-circular trucks (Boardnamics Caliber mounts are a good, affordable example of what I’m talking about). GLWB!

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If you’re worried just JB weld the mount to the truck just not the motor mount screws oops.