Setting up VESC

I dont really understand how to correctly setup a VESC. Is there somewhere that shows exactly what settings to do, and really explains it?

you dont need to start new threads asking the same thing you can keep it all here.

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Sorry. Ok ill condense it.

If the TB vesc is preconfigured for a 6355 motor is it okay fir a 6374 motor or do i have to change it?

You need to re-detect the motor…

Okay. And what if the battery has a 40 amp fuse, but the vesc is configured for a 80amp fuse? Will it detect/scan the battery as well?

What is? . . . .

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You mean the max motor current?

That’s for the VESC to automatically cut out if it tries to pull more than that amount of current. The battery will only go to 40A so there’s no problem there, its the battery that will just get real hot, real fast running at max capacity.

What you don’t want to do though is put too many amps to your motor, so if it’s rated for 60A, don’t put any more than 60 in that field…