Setup for my first DIY Electric Skateboard | Need a proff check!

Hi. I’m a 14 years old boy. My weight is about 55-60 kg (121 - 132 lbs) I live a place where there ain’t so many hills. It’s max 3-4 % grades i think. But it’s mostly a straight place. So, i need a good and fast transportation. And thats why i think a DIY is perfect for me. I’m totally dump to all the technical things in a Electric skateboard, BUT… I’ve searched a lot on this forum, and now i’m much more clever on it. I got help a lot of super good advice, and i’ve found these things for my setup:

Single Motor Mechanical Kit Link

ON/OFF Power Switch Link

VESC Speed Controller Link

Battery Link I will need two of these.

Motor Link

Charger Link

Servo Connector Link

Low Voltage Alarm Link

Mini Remote Controller Link

And then i will buy a deck of @ajaynagra for $50.

It would be very helpful if you could give me some advice on these things. And if you have other recommends then say it. I’m ready for critic. If you think that there is a even better setup, for around $550-600 then pls show me it. Thanks :grinning:


I’m also 14! (:

I would go with 5-6S for each of the Lipos. You’ll also need these if you’re connecting them in series:

If you’re willing to solder, you don’t need the last two, but personally i would get them for a neater and safer look.

Nice, thanks! I think i will just buy them all for safety :slight_smile: But do you think that the rest is a good setup for me?

Hi there ! I have a very similar setup to yours, and I can tell you Ive gone 26mph or 40km/h on 8s, really decent speed! Also I dont think you need the low voltage cutoff, the VESC already has a low voltage cutoff. Additionally, I would go with these batteries if you can as they already come in a hardcase (additional protection with Lipos is always a plus) Good luck!

Personally I’d opt for a charger that supports 6S and charge both batteries at the same time, using this Charging Board. Works like a charm with my 8S2P setup. I have 4 4S packs and charge them 2 packs at a time.

Hi Bimmox. Thanks for ur advice. Seems to be a good idea:)

Maybe i should go with that one instead. Sounds to be a much more faster metod to charge:)

Hi @Joakim1

Look at this

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@ajaynagra Is he Buying one of our decks?

Just looked. And asked… :yum:. Thanks for the help. I’ll ask him for more info about it.

I will probably buy one of them, but I gotta wait a bit still. Don’t have my full setup ready.