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Several doubts on deck/ weight/ wheels

hi, Im new to this and I have a few doubts regarding decks. I have a strong not flexible arbor deck which is meant to be for downhill, and I am worried that it is probably to heavy for an e board… I weigh about 60 kg and I really want this think to go fast. Maybe with a bigger motor or would you recommend two motors… or maybe buying a lighter deck… also, I have abec flashback wheels which (the side that goes in the truck) the rubber goes all the way to the truck leaving no plastic to drill… I hope you understand me, should I drill through the plastic? or should I buy new wheels, and if I do, should I buy only one or all 4 should be the same? thanks a lot @onloop

  • how much power, voltage…etc do you recomend?

How fast do you want to go? The weight of the board is insignificant compared to the components you’ll be bolting to it, and the rider. I’m 68kg, I have 1 245kv motor on 6s, and I can hit about 33km/h with a 14/36 gear ratio and 90mm wheels. I’m planning to switch to a 17t motor pulley for higher top speed.

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Check out my Arbor build thread here:

Also, I don’t recommend d drilling the wheels, just get some flywheel clones from ebay for cheap, and then you can use an Enertion or Diyelectricskateboard pulley without any problems. And as @mattdig mentioned, don’t worry about the deck weight- it’s nothing compared to the rider standing on it!

But at your weight (around the same as me) I’d definitely go mono drive like the Arbor build I shared above.

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thanks a lot, really helpfull!