SG esk8 meet up (Car free sunday)

I saw the Vegas Renegade event that took place last week, oh how i wished i could be there! Unfortunately i live on the other side of the world, but luckily for us, the country has a monthly ‘Car Free Sunday’, where the city has a closed off car loop so that people with different mobility devices can legally ride on the roads for the day.

This gives us the opportunity to meet up for the day to catch up as well as skate. Here’s what went down

This one’s a Bamboo GT, deck swapped with an Evo painted red, and Eboosted’s enclosure. 20181028_091646

The Hoyt remote, and it does feel really nice as what many have mentioned on the group buy thread. 20181028_090132

@nuttyjeff’s Charger board, with his Avio Mini remote mod 20181028_091643

The Haggyboard drive train!! Got to see it in person. The truck hangar is wide! Almost as wide as an Evolve truck. 20181028_092313 20181028_092311 20181028_091658 20181028_091703

Carl and Jeff checking out the Haggy 20181028_092324 20181028_092317

Also, the local brand, and friends of ours, the Arc Board Aileron V2 and Finix. @ArcBoardsEV These are gear driven boards. 20181028_093054 20181028_093052 20181028_093058 20181028_112331

And that’s my board, always the brightest among everyone :joy:20181028_093757




Graham with his Trampa, and with @Nowind’s Helicals. But he’s running BLDC… couldn’t hear the silence :man_shrugging: 20181028_100820

Then two hours in, it RAINED??? Retreated to the Mcdonalds nearby Was an extremely short ride, due to the sudden weather change, but it was great to meet and catch up with everyone. 20181028_103443


must have been so much fun

It would have been better if the rain didn’t come! haha.

This event was also to meet and collect stuff from group buys etc. My bag was full of stuff!

do you know by any chance about haggyboard hubs and 5inch tires? if they are in stock and if he can get the tires as well to sell

I’m not sure if they’re in stock yet. I heard many have been trying to get hold of them as well.

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The funniest part of the event, some guy dressed as Baymax on one of those unicycles. Sorry i forgot what they were called. The ones that Tishawn has!


360 shot taken on the Insta One X1

This shot we found that Chris was the only one without a full face helmet so one of the guys took the courtesy and gave him one :joy:

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Those legs tho