[Share] Dual 6374 + Vesc settings for comparison

Hey guys, I just finished my re-build and wanted to cross check my settings. If someone has a similar setup can you share your current settings

Dual 6374 2x focboxes 10s4p

I think you are asking for current settings

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Yes sorry, wrote it on the go. But yes you are correct.

Tell us about your battery and what you are trying to accomplish. Are u lookomg for per mellow and efficient settings, the most power amd torque possible, or somewhere in between?

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It’s a Spacecells 4 10s4p Samsung 25r cells

Was looking for somewhere between that all out and mellow. Something like a evolve GT so I don’t chew through battery

Id recommend

Motor max: 60A Motor min: -60A

Batt max 30A Batt min (regen): -12A

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So that would be 30A for each Vesc on max and min

Correct, your board has much bigger motors than an evolve GT btw :wink:

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So each vesc would read

Motor max: 30A Motor min: -30A

Batt max 30A Batt min (regen): -12A. <- not sure if this should be split across so -6a each?

My current setup per vesc is:

Motor max: 35A Motor min: -35A

Batt max 60A Batt min (regen): -7A

I think you’ll need about -12A on each esc to get effective braking at speed. Many would recommend -8A Max on each tbough.

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Why is that?

And is my Battery max current set to 60a per vesc okay or should I divide that as well

You could do 40A max on each vesc from the battery, but no higher. Your battery is only capable of 80 total. If you want more acceleration you can increase motor max A’s.

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Okay perfect, and just for my notebook. What settings would you use per vesc if you wanted to go balls to the wall.?

Thanks for all your help @BigBoyToys

Increase motor max A’s but leave batt max at 40A. I run a motor max of 100A on my builds but most will tell you thats too high so at your own risk :wink:

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100A? That’s per vesc? Jesus

So what’s a fun range for motor max 40-60A per vesc?

I see you have big current numbers always, are you runing only hubs on those settings or belts as well?

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I run My belt drive Trampa 50A battery 100A motor :wink:

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Keep in mind, OP, that this depends heavily on your weight, setup as well as preferences. If you’re a big dude, with a low gearing ratio, and like heavy torque, you’re going to need more current.

I’m 160#, 13:36 ratio, 12s4p pack, and I like +60/-50 for motor, and +20/-7 for battery on each vesc. I also ride in the inner downtown city on sidewalks, bikelanes and I need to have as minimal of jerkiness as possible.


Great thank you guys, I will go back and adjust and test.

@BigBoyToys @cwazy1 thank you for your time and knowledge. It’s been awhile for me, so super rusty.

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