Share how you blew your VESC?

50% of the people blowing theirs were aware of some kind of human error and mistake on their own, please share.

The other 50% still don’t know what they did wrong, but their VESC were not working anymore. Please share your findings


Sounds like a good idea to get all of this data in one thread.

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Yes, this would be very helpful. To avoid breaking them. So far I haven’t bRoken one. Have 2 on my Trampa with about a thousand miles on em. And 2 single drive longboard with about 200 miles. Don’t jinx me now. :sweat_smile:

I have 2 of Chaka’s Vescs on my first build. After several months, no problems. Getting ready to setup 2 more on my 2nd build.

Ok. Ok here is mine. I shorted 2 of 3 phase wire of the motor and fired my drv,no burn mark no sign from the surface, bldc tool showed drv error . It is because that i was careless and too eager to get it done quick so i can ride. So that be sure that you double check everything and insulate every temporary connection. I learn my lesson the hard way.'Don’t want it happen to you.

More info in my thread

Broken one that I made myself. I suspect I went over the ERPM limit.

And another one that was broken from manufacturer because a shunt resistor wasn’t well soldered. Also there was the known bug in the firmware :confused:

I haven’t.


Blew two Enertion VESCs. All I did was ride with them and they died after 5 miles.

Switched them out with Ollin VESCs and no issues since. I now own 5 Ollin VESCs, they are all I trust.