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Share you eboard building tips!

I’ve was just soldering, and sorta came across the idea of a thread for sharing small tips…

Not like ‘this motor is better than that motor’ just the small stuff.

This soldering technique is really what spawned the idea for me, so I guess here is the first tip: if you have to solder two wires together, don’t just simply push them together. Wrap a thin strand of speaker wire (because it is flexible enough to mold and will hold its shape) around your pushed together wires. This will make them held together really well, even before you solder them (see it supporting the motor with one wire! I know you aren’t supposed to hold a motor by the wire, but for 3 seconds to snap a pic I think it will live…)


Nice tip. I usually do something similar. I’ll wrap the wires with solder wire and melt the wire on top.

I think the most easiest is using a darn good soldering iron that can heat up real hot.

This Hakko soldering iron is worth every damn penny. It has a digital LED for how hot it gets and typically I’ll set it at 700 or 800 depending on if it’s getting hot enough. Just be careful not to burn your fingers.

Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow) -

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Recently I heard of people using a heat gun to warm a PCB & components before soldering. I tried it & does seem to help.

I suppose the idea is if the whole thing (PCB & components) is already warm then the heat you apply to a local area using your iron doesn’t get leeched away. So you can achieve faster and better solder joints.


having a good soldering iron is a must!
I’d budget at least $100 for a decent iron.

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yes ! i’m doing the same technique . i would put a 2mm tiny piece of solder inside the two wires depicted in your picture and tied them together before i burnt them with torch cigarette lighter . its NEAT ! after i knew both wires are connected , i resumed normal soldering with soldering iron . after which i removed the supporting wires that arent needed . and its a strong BOND .