Share your Gimmicks!

So, there are just electric boards and then there are those tiny little masterpieces with hours of work in it.

Sometimes you just think of an idea when you already built your board and thought, “fml that woudl’ve been so frickin’ awesome” - so ist just wanted to share my own little gimmick(s) for the next board i am building.

Today i was at work and just thought of a way to stick your enclosure perfectly to your deck, looking good, held tight.

My last deck just got screws through the complete deck, sure i was stupid enough to drill them through the griptape, but still there are screws in yo deck!

So i thought of using those little fuckers the next time! holy shit that would be so awesome!

also, i thought of polyurethane casting compound like they use for transformators to get everything nice in one piece!

i will see if i get a nice drop deck organized.

Anyone else want to share his gimmicks or ideas the might help someone?


@Acidfie threaded inserts for enclosure mounts are commonly used, and potting ESCs and other electronics in silicone or resin is also a practice many manufacturers use. You’re in good company with these ideas!

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never saw those threaded inserts in any picture, besides - those are just my 2 cents. i dont think anyone has ever seen every thread for those kind of things, especially when it comes to such things.

it should not be some kind of thing manufacturers do, it is about what i want to do at home, and maybe someone else who is bulding his own board - so its just about sharing “uncommon” tricks

thats my definition of gimmicks


Someone here had threaded insert pictures. That’s where I got the idea

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I like to have a little 12v - high amp USB charging module on me for when I used to be into electric RC, so that if my phone is flat I can charge it wherever and from any 12v source

Ill be doing the same on my Trampa with a battery box mounted module hooked up to the big Hobbyking Ubec they do

how do you convert the voltage?

One of these, hooked into a QC 3.0 usb power module


So one downside to potting the vesc is not being able to dissipate heat and if ur drv chip fails u can’t replace it

never talked about VESC’s :thinking:

although, additives are great for giving urethane a good thermal conductivity.


[…] “Epoxy or Urethane compounds, specifically formulated for improved thermal conductivity, are the best choices because they have excellent electrical insulating as well as very good thermal conductivity properties. Thermally conductive compounds contain special filler combinations to enhance heat transfer.” […]

Although that is true, again u throw any chance of repair out to window

Methylene Chloride

PUR can be heated up glas transition temperature and carefully be removed.

but true, it makes repair a pain in the a**

although, i will never repair a 20$ BMS from China

Lol my was 60 but gives me a read out through Bluetooth like the vesc does

mine cost about 9$… 20$ for my new one

I’m looking for a 12s

I am about to order one from bestech in China, hit me up if you’re interested