Shark wheels or MBS all terrain

So I got some bad roads where I live and packed dirt roads. Looking at 2 wheels. These

And these

Which are the better wheels for my situation? Also I own this mounting kit from torque boards


Not the shark wheels. Also that wheel pulley may not work with the MBS wheels. I think they require a wider lip on the pulley. There are pulleys for those wheels for sale on this forum.

MBS will work, i’m using them now.

only thing is the m6 bolts are a tad too wide for the gaps in the wheel spoke, but you can just screw it in or drill lightly larger holes, very easy to do:


Awesome man, was hoping not to spend more money on a entire other set of gears lol. How does the mbs wheels roll ? Have you ever got thrown off the board for hitting a rock ?

the durometer rating on the mbs is 78a, so they’re pretty soft. so in terms of comfort they’re the best without going to pneumatics.

i can hit gaps or more than 2 inches, like rolling onto curbcuts, and these wheels roll over them with ease.

i’ve purposefully rolled over big ass rocks (let’s say 1inch sizes) with no issues.

that’s to say, these things will roll over almost anything without issues.

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What has happened to your wheel (thats driven) it looks like its grinded down on the edge near the belt.

Ialso use the MBS wheels with the DIY pulley linked up there, works like a charm

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They’re going bald from being used like any other tire. The drive wheel gets bald pretty quickly. Also mines mono drive so the one drive wheels does a lot of work.

Thanks for the replies mates, glad to hear its compatible with the mbs wheels. :relieved: