She's "Done" Meet Val

Anyway here’s what looks like will be the finalish state of my first DIY build. I’m finally happy with tuning and feel.

Full name: Valkyrie aka Val

Arbor Highground 1/2” rubber risers 10” Caliber II’s Boardnamics mounts with idlers Abec 107mm F1’s tq boards 16 / BKB’s 44 gears 340-5m-12 vbelt guys belts Maytech 6355 170kv’s Dual focbox’s Tq boards 12s4p with 60/150A BMS Nano V2 remote stealth handle Running FOC on @Ackmaniac’s firmwear

Current settings on each motor below. Still wana play with the throttle curve feature. Motor Current Max: 65A Motor Current Break: -60A Battery Current Max: 30A Battery Current Max Regen: -15A


Thanks to any and all that helped me learn and answered my noob questions. This thing beats the pants of my boosted v2 with 100mm boas.


The mounts should be from Kevin aka @Boardnamics :wink: Very nice build

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Thanks! didn’t know that till now haha, updated to give credit :+1:

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Hey my boards name is Lav! Haha

maybe theyre related somehow :laughing: image 20180801_191848


Ha! and we’re running 107’s must be somewhat distant cousins

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@anon64938381, those are the new @marcmt88 idler-connecting rods-X sloted-mounts (we generally call them Janux mounts by the way :yum:). Best custom mounts this side of the Milky Way. :ok_hand:

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I know :wink:

Im super pissed my motor crapped out when it did… but at least now my other focbox, the casing for it, and 2 new motors are coming soon! Cant wait to give em a run

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Nice Bro, I have feelz for that deck :star_struck: stoked to see the front & rear foot stops.

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Thanks! Yeah I’m a fan. Needed something there, not used to all this torque.

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Nice build man! My favourite pastime is scoping new builds and this one does not disappoint. Is that a tb enclosure with a carbon wrap?

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Thanks! And yup it’s a copperish carbon fiber vinyl wrap. Not the best I wana redo it. But it looks good if your not scrutinizing it.

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Looks good to me. Its a good call as those shiny enclosures don’t really do it. Carbon all the way!!

And I already broke her. Anyone else see this with Caliber II’s? Should I just get some torqueboards 218’s?

Thought I could roll over some steel plates with the 107’s but didn’t think this would happen…



Damn. I’ve seen some axles break but never like that… insane.

You must be in NYC.

yep - it got wedged between metal plates and the base plate is what gave.

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Update! Sooooo I went a lil ham after I finished the first iteration of this build. I bought a stock Lacroix and built a DIY Lacroix after that. All while that was going on I was messing with different set ups for this battery/motor combo:

First was wider trucks, I put tq board 218 hangers on it with riptide pivot cups and caliber II baseplates. Then I tried a deck swap to a Landy Switch and used angled risers to run mbs trucks and air tires: image

I wasn’t a fan of how high it sat so I put the thane back on it with the 218mm trucks. Then I quickly realized it wasn’t the height I just dont like drop decks at speed. That brought me to what I think will be the last deck swap and close if no the final iteration of the board: image image image

It’s a Valhalla Sell Out with a Rodger Bro’s foot stop.

I’m super happy with the feel of the board now, I think I’ve found the sweet spot of truck positioning but I may experiment with moving the rear truck up even one more position. This deck also doesnt tire my feet out on rides longer than 20 mins the same way the arbor highground did. That highground became my deck for a Boosted deck swap I put together… it’s for sale if anyone is interested: image Far right


I thought that apartment looked familiar! Nice build Brent!!

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Dude thats freaking crazy, I love all your board choices…wish i could have that many. I Barely have 1. Nice build

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Thanks man!