Shipping a complete build: with battery pack

i dont have problem . but before local express send to me , they called me up to inform me earlier that i had to pay additional air carrier care tax for lithium batt . bought a SPACE CELL for $400 plus . additional air carrier care tax $136/- total of $550 (estimated) couldnt remember exact total . all are in singapore dollars . then sorry to inform here but i just knew from a friend that companies here in singapore can offer me same or better capacity with more Wh battery ar less than $400 singapore dollars . i doubt so . for i watched youtube and there are instances where bogus companies just print “li-ion” but its actually Nimh ! ! ! ! i am truly satisfied with enertions SPACE CELL . WHOOOOOH YEAH ! ! ! !

Managed to get a comeplete board with 2x zippy 6s 5000mah from Netherlands to UK with Dhl. :smiley:

How much does shipping cost for u usually?

When I ship a complete 430+ watt hour board with a battery in it and all sealed up, in a box with packing peanuts and foam padding and all of that, the total box is 48" x 12" X 6" and weighs usualy about 25 pounds.

$28 via fedex typically to anywhere in the continental US via Ground or Home Delivery. Caveat: This only works in the continental US because the packs in the boards never make it onto a plane or boat. Also pre-printing labels with a FedEx account and simply dropping them off at a FedEx Shipping Location will eliminate almost all human interaction at a counter. I literally walk in, toss the box on the conveyer, wave at the lady who waves back, and walk out.

I’ve shipped 18 boards this way with no issue. I say no issues, but one time they dropped a board on its nose at just the right angle during a return back to me and crushed part of the box and dented the deck slightly, but that was the only issue i’ve had so far. The board was fine of course, i just had to do some cosmetic adjustments in addition to the tweaking the customer wanted before sending it back.

By comparison, over seas shipping requires HAZMAT forms and special crating fees and all manner of ridiculousness. Recently i shipped a board to the UK because i needed to walk through the process at least once for posterity before going back to my policy of “no-overseas-shpping.” Shipping one of my typical commuter crossover builds to the UK cost me 400 FUCKING DOLLARS so no, i will not be doing that again unless the customer wants to pay for shipping. IT was also a headache because i had to have a shipping firm do it for me, so it took like a week for it to even leave the country.


Just thought I’d chime in here. We’ve been shipping batteries overseas for some time and the biggest single thing you need to ship is an MSDS - Materials Safety Data Sheet. You can get this from your cell manufacturer.

We’ve been able to air freight large batteries but you need to specify they travel via cargo only plane, and this needs to be marked clearly on the outside of your package.

FedEx seem to be ok with this, but if you’re doing any kind of volume best to deal with a forwarding agent. I have some US contacts for this if you need any help.


recently tried this and was turned down last said can’t be shipped with battery

Sometimes costs can be pretty high, but often there are alternative solutions to make it a little lower. For example you can always list your build on There is a decent amount of transport providers that will place quotes on your package and let you decide which one suits you best. Usually it is possible to save even up to 60%

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