Shipping battery pack suggestions?

What is the best way to ship an Esk8 battery pack from one state to another within the US?

UPS ground seems easier than FedEx, but I read about there still being total pack watt hour limits without getting a hazardous goods shipping contract?

How do you guys send your batteries when traveling? Do you purchase your own labels? How do you declare the goods to make it legal and compliant? Is it prohibitively expensive? Do you over pack? Do you let the shipper deal with most of the details and just drop it off?

I’ve never shipped a battery pack, but I know people do, and I’d love to send my pack ahead of time when I travel so I can eskate on the go. Any advice you guys can give for those of you who do this often would be greatly appreciated.

The search function has been useless, seems there isn’t a dedicated topic for this yet. If I missed it, let me know.

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I’ve shipped my board from the West to East coast before.

If it’s above the watt hour limit then you can just pay to have it labeled as hazardous goods.

I think my whole board shipped was around $300 with USPS. It was a 420 watt hour pack.

You can probably get it much cheaper if you ship just the battery (loads smaller).

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300 in shipping! That’s a wild amount to pay for shipping it seems. I just bought a 10s4p battery pack from someone on this forum with an enclosure as well for 280 bucks

Yeah, it was a lot. But it was also a really heavy package because of the motors, deck, trucks, wheels etc… something around 25 lbs?

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Yeah I guess that makes sense.

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About to mail a 36x15x20… 37 lbs…

You’re scaring me :sob::sob: I really really hope it’s not that expensive