Shipping fees compare diy gg

344 USD from Enertion 94,31 USD from HobbyKing 445.85 USD from DIY

Enertion and HobbyKing gives free shipping on that amount of item we buy but DIY costs 40USD more for shipping Why are the shipping fees on so expensive

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Are you in Europe, i dont think DIY has a European warehouse

Nope Malaysia Asia country

Well thats the problem then, you should order from china instead

We all know china’s product quality will explode

Not necessarily you need to do your research in the asian market

If your order is above $300 US DOLLARS, then you get free shipping. Hope that answers your question. @lamjiasheng

it is over 300 usd

then as it says in the website, use code “FREESHIPPING”. As long as your order is more $300 USD.

Hmm i see it says that this coupon cant apply on the battery pack i wanted so the whole shipping need to be charge

Hi @lamjiasheng

Depends on your cart contents. Battery packs ship free. You can separate your order for the battery pack for free shipping.

If your additional cart is $300+ then that’s also free shipping. Hope that helps.


@lamjiasheng ^