Shipping my order?

Hey anyone else experiencing slow shipping times? I placed my order on May 9th and in my order cart it still states “awaiting fulfillment”. My battery was purchased from the states and is shipping within the states.

I reached out to customer service and they stated

"Please note that the average ETA for the delivery of the battery within the US is 4 to 7 working days and since mechanical parts are shipped from Australia, it takes us 7 to 14 working days since orders are shipped either weekly or fortnightly. I hope that clarifies your query. "

Is this common for Enertion to take longer than this?

It’s common for the entire industry. Long wait times are normal. Enertion is getting out of the parts industry and moving into the complete market only. They have stated wait times are longer than normal right now (and normal is usually pretty long), but that your getting an extra discount, so the two balance out (the summary of Jason’s words, not mine).

These types of threads are also not allowed anymore per the rules of this community. The idea is that these topics are not constructive, and clog up the forum, so a mod will likely delete this soon. I am in the process of building a topic to cover the info your seeking here. Don’t mean to bash you or anything, as I personally don’t have a problem with these types of threads. Just giving you a heads up.

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Yes. Its not uncommon at all and will continue.

They’re all terrible and they suck and they don’t answer their phones and they steal your money and don’t ship anything ever. Stupid [insert vendor here] can’t do right.

I’d like to see fewer threads about vendors not meeting demand for their product and more threads about how people solved problems and got creative.


Unlike @evoheyax, i do have a personal problem with these threads and i really want to start deleting them on sight.

Please everyone just give me an excuse to do so.

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woah woah, not trying to bash enertion or anything, I am somewhat new to this forum and was looking for some insight. not trying to start anything

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Don’t worry, man, your fine. Just make sure you read the rules over, especially the one about threads like this. Some people get a little touchy about these types of threads, since it’s been debated about a lot the last few months. @longhairedboy is just messing with you (I assume with some humor is here, lol).

haha ok thanks man

Should there be a pop up when you try and create a thread that has ‘order’ or ‘shipping’ in it

They make me angry. Like when somebody is smoking cigarettes near me. The flood of anxiety and rage is the same. Every other thread is “where’s muh shit yo” and i have all this power to delet threads but the responsibility to not willy nilly nuke everything i hate. Its hard.

Also i’m a really nice guy.

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I mean you make really dope boards too so theres that…


So what are you working on with these parts? Casual cruiser or commuter buiild? What deck are you using?

I really really hate that as well!!!

That makes 3 of us.

4… and the worst in Vegas (INSIDE)

With all due respect to all who use the forum and dislike these topics, as a community we really shouldn’t accept the false delivery dates we are given by these companies.

I appreciate that parts, especially in low volume, take a long time to produce and am happy to accept that and wait for them but companies should really be upfront about their delivery expectations.

Posts like this will let others know what to expect so they don’t have to jump on the bandwagon and post topics like this themselves. The delay in parts is the companies fault and it’s ultimately their fault that some of the customers complaining here are upset. The community here will always get some of the fall back from it but appear to take it out on the poster. Rather then getting angry at the threads/posters themselves surely a better approach would be to seek to improve transparency between suppliers. Hiding topics like this ironically makes the problem worse and they will never go away.

I’m not trying to rile anyone up here, but I feel the anger is often directed at the wrong person in these situations who is often in an anxious position thinking that they have lost their money. A simple “Parts expected on x date” on a suppliers website would solve all of these issues.

@keegancdr I had to wait just over two months to get my parts despite frequently been told “they will be shipped tomorrow” Keep pressing them and they will send them eventually send them to you.