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Shipping time on the space cell?

Does anyone know if there’s any restrictions right now on the manufacturer that makes and ships the space cell?

I ordered one a week and a half ago, and haven’t received anything to indicate that it has even been shipped. I know there have been issues in the past with the shipping, so I’m wondering if anyone knows whats up. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Jason, but will no avail.

Hi. Thank you for your valued order.

A few reasons for delays.

  1. The china new year holiday. It is an annual holiday which last for about 3 weeks. So basically nothing happens for the month of February.

  2. Considering we had so many (6of30) issues with a batch of batteries that shipped end of January to raptor customers we are now in the process of changing all the switches on each instock battery to somthing more reliable.

So all space cell batteries will ship later this week.

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Ok, sounds good. Thank you for the heads up Jason :slight_smile:

The struggle is real!

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I placed my order January 26, any idea when it’ll ship? Thanks

All Space Cell orders have either shipped, or are being packed as we speak.

For everyone in the states, @longhairedboy is helping to distribute them as Aviation regulations have become quite the pain.

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Does this mean tracking numbers should have been sent out by now? Just wondering as my order is still showing as “Partially shipped”. Should also mention I’m a NZ customer.

Shipping to NZ is very problematic at the moment. Your battery is ready and sitting in dispatch. Every day for last week we have talked with logistics company about sending… They say there is a risk of it getting sent back. Ill check again today.

This pile is going out tomorrow.

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Man that’s frustrating, I’m assuming this is all cause of the issues revolving around the battery shipping bs that’s been talked about in the media lately? I appreciate all the work you guys are doing though!

Tell me about it… I can’t even get them into Australia at the moment…

My factory is very experienced with logistic though, they will find a way.

I’m getting a Big Bird chair!!! Yippee!!! :smiley:

Thanks, man! Can I get a tracking number when it’s all done?

You rock! Can’t wait to go hurt myself on this thing! :confounded:

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That big bird chair was mine when i was tiny, and now my little one gets to sit in it.

@onloop has all tracking numbers.

Is there any problem shipping to canada ??

They’re on their way :slight_smile:

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Is there one headed to Ann Arbor by chance? :smile:

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Appreciate the assist.


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You mean there’s other people who ordered Space Cells with stage names?

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you should have got an email with tracking number? Please let me know if you didnt.