Shipping, WTF are y'all doing?

I keep having issues with shipping, I need some advice. Maybe we can pool some info here and make it easier for everyone. This is what it has cost me lately, am I doing something wrong?

$6.70 to ship a 2oz XT90 to Dual XT60 adaptor via USPS Priority Mail 3-Day in a small bubble mailer. $19.30 to ship motors and trucks cia USPS Priority Mail 2-Day in a Medium Flat Rate Box. $23.61 to ship a large set of trucks via UPS ground, as USPS was going to be almost $40.

I have a 0.5 oz BT module I need to mail, that cannot be mailed in an envelope apparently so I don’t know what to do as I don’t wanna spend 7 bucks to ship it.

HELP!!! I am tired of getting abused by carriers!


can’t you put it in a small padded envelope and mail it first class?

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I don’t know, I was told 1st class was for envelopes. That being said, the postal workers at the PO’s around here are not at all interested in helping or even doing their job.

is this just one generic HM10? who is it for? I have shipping services at work I use so I bypass USPS staff

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i had the same problem shipping a remote i just sucked it up and payed for it.


Yep, its in a tiny 3d printed carrier so it can be screwed to the deck, but it literally weighs 1/2 oz and is 2x2x1/2 in.

I use USPS Click & Ship a lot, its easy and ok for boxed stuff, but its robbery for small things.

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Also, I’m planning a work trip to Oregon next month (maybe) and really wanna ship my hummie deck ahead of me, but when I shipped to Miami this summer it was 100 bucks each way. That seems massive to me, maybe my perspective is skewed or something, but it seems like a lot.

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I had to pay $10 shipping for some 3d printed spacers. We need to start our own shipping company that specializes in small objects.


That effing suck. I usually just shove small things into a padded envelope, log in to the work machine, put it on the work scale, enter zip code and get a stamp and it gets sent out at end of day


First class can be used for any package less than 1lb, and it dosnt matter what packaging you use (bag, envelope, box). Or should only be $3 anywhere CONUS.

For trucks, try disassembling them and using a flat rate bubble mailer ($7).


usps max weight for first class envelope is 9oz, i think.

costs me at most $3 to ship up to 9oz in a bubble mailer across the country.

i use ShippingEasy.


@Mikenopolis, @JLabs, @thisguyhere do you guys know if there is a way to do 1st class online in a browser without paying a monthly service fee?

but there are others.

i’ll send you an invite, so i get free shit.

the basic account is free, you just pay for postage.


If it wasn’t for office perks, I would say a scale and good old licking stamps

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that should be less than $20 usps, whoever you’re shipping with is either incompetent or trying to upsell.

That us UPS as USPS wouldn’t touch it because of the size, also that was each as I sent both mine and my kids…it hurt a little bit :slight_smile:.

What? Pdx?


@longhairedboy out of curiosity. How much did shipping your 100+lbs crate cost from FL to CA anyway?

I use shippo, they just charge an extra $0.05 per label, but you get the biggest discount USPS offers so it evens out