👕 $15 custom eSk8 t-shirt 4 SALE 👕

Hello, esk8 builders!

I recently posted this in “No words…just pictures” thread and got a few likes.

So I made more :slight_smile: to sell (the top one ^ is not 4 sale)

Shirt size ranging from Kids’ extra small to Mens’ extra large

PRICE: $12.40 plus shipping.

Want one? Click here.

Thanks for looking!

Seems like you have attached a sticker and applied much heat?

It’s dye-based ink. In other words, you can wash it. Not a sticker, but I did apply much heat :).

Hows the fit?

What size shirts do you wear? These are Hanes men’s small, they fit on me but they’re too long imo(about 5 inches past my waist). I’m 5’6" 125 lbs and Kid’s XL 14/16 usually fit well.

What about adding our usernames under the logo or something ?

Sure, why not. Would you like one?

Yeah, depending on shipping price to EU, or is it free too ?

I’ll reduce the price and you pay for shipping.

We need to get some esk8 memes out funny saying in t-shirts. I’d totally buy em.

You’re welcome to send me the design/text you want.