Shock resistant material for electric skateboard

Hi, I have a vibration problem on both the esc cables and the receiver, cables continuously detach themselves.

I am using purple kegel with a shock pad riser.

I have dozen of annoying cycling speed limiter in my way commute and I very lazy so I ride over all of them.

I am planning to attach some sort of soft / spongy material between the board and all my component, to reduce vibrations.

My question for you is:

  1. what kind of material do you suggest to use?

  2. Is there a better approach?

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hot glue on components that work free - make sure cables aren’t too tight - use a zip tie and give a small loop to allow movement without pulling. but glue on the connectors is probably best. I usually also use some of the dual lock velcro under which seems to help a bit as well.


I use adhesive backed foam rubber to pad my electronics. Too keep cables from disconnecting, I suggest soldering your connections.

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