Shop launch! With repairs and various products, community discount!

Hi everyone!

So first of all I would like to thank everyone for the endless support and patience. The site was supposed to be up over a month ago but there were some problems regarding production and some legal issues.

Today I have tested hopefully all aspects of the website and I feel confident with its launch, hope there are not any bugs etc. There are some minor problems such as logos not being displayed correctly but those are low priority.

My shop offers repairs that I have been doing mostly on this forum and also selling some products of my own design. Currently not all of our products and services are listed but I think this is the time to start and increase stock in the near future. That said, all products that you see are in stock and ready to ship! :slight_smile:

Our current stock includes • repairsvoltage/capacity gaugesbattery PCB holders

And some previws :slight_smile:


very nice, thanks for opening shop.

any plans for a 3p, 5p pcb?

in the meantime I’ll order up some pcb, do you ship to the US?

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I would be careful with balance leads not getting shorted due to vibration and sharp edges on solder. That’s why I mad them away from those terminals on my pcb


@thisguyhere The PCB is designed in such a way that you can cut 18mm off of one side without loosing any functionality. Also I tried mounting 5P but even though it is doable it is not really meant for that. So the specifications are not firmly set, it can be used with 1-13S and officially up to 4P. I figured that 3P and 4P is most commonly used and I had space for 13S which is still somewhat within limits of VESC, there are some builds running 13S so I included that.

Yes I do ship to US, you can use the website for calculating the shipping since it is done before checkout, it is based on weight/amount of PCBs ordered.

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I have not had problems during testing but I definitely suggest gluing the pack down inside enclosure since vibrations could slowly eat through the insulation on batteries on corners and even through the steel casing as it is pretty thin.

so for “repairs”, where are you based?

@davewood1982 I am based in central Europe, Slovakia.

Aww ok thanks, Was hoping you were in the UK lol,

Well the shipping is not really expensive inside Europe anyway. Even to US it is roughly 8€ for a VESC or two (up to 500g).

I believe this - was yours. I think you dropped it.

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OMG :smiley: a bit of a mistake :smiley: thank you, fixed :slight_smile:

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I just hope your customer doesn’t make a mistake on your website name… …

Well I hope yours wont on :smiley:

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well. I bought that domaine moth ago.

New bluetooth modules as a product of partnership with @GrecoMan! For both European and American people with no transatlantic shipping fees! Check them out here or have a look at the original thread

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I still missed the benefit of the Battery PCB. What does it make better/easier/…?

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@DeathCookies it can be used for flexible decks for example. Since it increases structural strength of the battery bank, also it is good if you want to implement cell level fusing to your battery pack. It can also help with wire management. Some people that dont have access to spot welders can order from for example nkon batteries that have the nickel strips already welded to them and then they can solder those batteries together to form their pack. This means that while soldering you dont overheat the cells because you are not soldering dirctly to them. These are the most important benefits.


I have a big update guys!

I finally got around to setting up a discount code for forum/community members! Use the code “IComeFromTheForum” at checkout to get 20% discount on your order! This code will be usable long term. :slight_smile: This code is not usable on repairs since they are handled as “free” orders at checkout due to the payment being requested only after successful repair. But prices have been also reduced!

If you have any questions feel free to post them below or ask our customer support. Enjoy, regards Martin.