Short circuit by ESK8 Controller from

We have make any tests, and making a short circuit. We thinking the ESK8 Controller was dead! We thinking ok, after this was the DRV dead! But no, the two ESK8 Controller was working without problems!

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I don’t really understand your post? What happened? You intentionally created a short circuit?

I think what he tries to explain is, that he pushes his new controller to the max to see what happens.

and the only thing that happend is a dead capacitor

With the first controller it was accidental short circuit but it was interesting to note that the controller still works and the DRV was no dead. Yes the capacitor was dead, and the ESK8 Controller was working.

Your esk8 controller looks really good.

When can we buy it? Any idea?

We have now from the Production a new delivery time. Next Week we begins at Monday with the productions from the New esk8 controller. One exactly information about the performance about the controller i publish at this Weekend.