Short deck Meepo mini 2 vs Backfire mini

Hi folks!

Few days ago @Hatman30 was super kind and showed me his electric longboards and DIY’s. It was great to see them first hand and get some tips from him. Top man, thanks a lot!!

I learnt a few things:

  • It’s super fun, definitely want to get into this.
  • They are heavy and large (I am not tall, neither strong).

So I decided to go for a shortboard for now. I still want to do a longboard DIY but to use on the weekends. The shortboard will be for pretty much daily use to go to work (1.5 miles), stop in the supermarket on the way back, meet friends in city center…

I’ve this two in mind:

  1. Meepo mini 2
  2. Backfire mini

Meepo has a great range and top speed (top speed not important) with the ER battery.

Backfire has the components built in, a bit lighter but at expense of range. The battery is different to the Meepo, 12S instead of 10S It comes with $100 discount and an extra battery suitable for planes.

Any thoughts? I tend to go for the Backfire for the weight and slick design. 10 miles should be enough range for my daily use. Although I see the convenient of the large range of the Meepo and being version 2 while for Backfire is the first mini version (possible first version failures?)

Planning to order it in few days.

Thanks! Néstor

PD: @Hatman30 thanks again, I will give you a shout to talk about the DIY proyect soon!

I have found the brakes to be more reliable on the meepo. and I feel that remote is easier to learn to use

Thank you @thebeardedboy!

Can back up the Meepo that shit is working non-stop 4 me. Not a single problem. Riden daily 2 seasons now. I have the smallest “cheepest battery” and I charge it 2 times a days. If u can afford it upgrade the battery to the sanyo or better yet Samsung 40T. In rain gravel off-road and still no problem. Remote, charger no problem what so ever.

Just buy a bunch of PU sleeves and maybe a extra charger and ur good 4 many many Miles.

@Chaki what do you mean by offroad short grass?

U can ride short legs off-road too. Not like a dirt way or a mountain. Ride over grass too